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PERCEPTION: FAST FORWARD I      photocopieuse

, subtitled also " Nudo captacion sin Contacto ", was presented in 5 shows of half an hour in a row, with a break of similar duration. It was shown in 1990 in the Mercas de les flores in Barcelona in a Theatre Marathon. The idea was a fluid and irreversible process of genaration, degeneration and regeneration of audio, visual and spoken and written textual material in a 10 x 10m closed space in which the than current members of the group worked on the same level as the beholders that mesh into the action. The material generated and already in a process of oscilation from form to noise to form ..., was the foundation of the next show and so on. The first show was using material generated during the rehearsals. We used live-video, mobil made photocopy mashines, sound processors and recording devices and recorded and played back in an intense rush with all the wellcome influence and intrusion of the audience in the process. Only the slides projected to the floor remain a kind of untouchable enclave also their videorecording becomes part of the process. The slides show images from implantation surgeries of the eye with star like sutures around the pupil as well as infrared, -violet and radio images of historical catalan paintings revealing imageries hidden behind the currently exposed surface. This slides stand as sort of metaphor for what we see and with what we see is not necessaraly ours and mediatisation is immanent and therefore a carefully to handle thing. This become a reality in the actions carried out in an somehow intimate party atmosphere where everyone knows only the host, but that's the only one who not appear.