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, was shown in the CIEJ in Barcelona it consisted of the exposition of four installation that could be actively and passively activated by the public of the center. The end of the exposition was accompained by a performance based on the interaction between a performer and an industrial robot of approximatively the same size, for the aim of melting together each ones abilities to make possible what individualy is not. The actor was mobil in the space where as the robot was fixed to the ground but its arm with six articulation allowed it a great agility. In two scenes they learned from each other and in the third performed as unity. One camera on the extreme articulation of the robot and four others distributed in the space was linked to a selector and than to a RISC-station. The cameras was very sensible black and white cameras to record in the nealy dark space. The different grey values was translated into different color pallettes and the resulting images was projected with a videoprojector from behind on a transparent screen. In this way the performer had a doubled appearances with that she played and that acted sometimes as intermediator with the robot or the audience. The show was accompained by texts coming from two videotapes of the speakers vocalchords and radiography in movement of the same focusing on the speechapparatus. Elcrifying live noise was accompaining as well as breaking the scenes.