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Poetry swings between lyricism, which is the traditional chant of the poet's feelings, and the art of language, as music is the art of sound.
During the 20th century poetry evolved like the other arts, for instance towards abstraction, conceptualization or the use of other mediums.
Experimenting in art can be the joy of searching and playing with forms as the child does, and submit this activity to the adult's thought (analytically, systematically, esthetically, critically).

In this way we can conceive an experimental poetry.
For instance one can use a rhythm of syntax which is woven, disintegrating or accelerating. With words which have their own life, taken out of many areas of vocabulary (daily life, sciences, history, etc.). With images of thought which are concentrated, interlaced, opening onto other images like hypertexts but inside a flat surface. Multiplying or blocking meaning.
And of course poets can experiment with a visualization of words (Haroldo de Campos, Pierre Garnier), orally (John Giorno, Bernard Heidsieck), conceptually  (Jenny Holzer) or working specifically for the computer (the North American Jim Rosenberg, the English John Cailey, the French magazine Alire).
Jean-René Lassalle lives in Freiburg in Germany

This poetry follows nerves tied in knots or a many-shaped thought which is looking for ways to exist in an end-of-century without norms. The blinding perception of the world's complexity causes a vertiginous glossolalia to be contained in a singing. Hermetism from a solitude to another solitude. Sentimental abstraction for reasons of ethics.

The serie called CREATION (composed of 6 poems) :
„Creation": philosophical questioning, biological, artistic, scientifical, cosmological process in which the „I" often disappears. Worker-multiverse which is the tree of creation on the branches of which bionical birds sing even when there is nobody to hear, for the stars.
I chose to experiment with texts which seem flat to computer users because I like the sensuality of writing with a pen, but the presentation of this poetry on the Internet changes its mode of communication. And working with a multimedia artist is certainly an enriching experience: see the version of creation 4 illustrated by Isabelle Chemin.