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PERCEPTION: FAST FORWARD IV     1st version   2sd version


, also for PERCEPTION: FAST FORWARD III we already worked in Bordeaux on the medical imagery and once residing there we decided to investigate more in this direction. We already had in mind an installation dealing with an intellectual rather than physical interactivity between men and mashine and started to investigate in simple neural network technology and the physical phenomenon of the spin. We decided for RMI (resonance magnetic nuclear imagery), mainly because of that it is a pure calculation process and has nothing to do with in one way ore another photographic processes where the final image is always the result of an exposure of a surface, also this surface might be internal to us. Very simplified sayd, the process of the RMI calculates the delay of the spin movement of the bodies hydrogene atoms activated in a magnetic tunnel. The same phenomenon of the spin of elemenal particles is used as basis of the interactive system simulating a neuronal pattern recognition by making a distinction of two attributes, here the direction of two sequences of RMI images in facial and transversal direction. Four players can manipulate the system in rapport with luminous signs = and ( and the direction of the images shown on the computer monitor of their left and right neighbours. The parralel " human- human ", " human-mashine ", " mashine-mashine " interaction of the system was of particular importance for as, because we have seen much to many artworks for our taste that investigate marely on the " human body -externalized interface to technology " interaction, mainly reacting on movement to offer a not previsible parameter often satisfying more the creator than the participants. It was also important for us that our participants keep in mind that they play external on a phenomenon that in fact is internal to them. The current detachement of the system from our mind or brain is nothing more than its communication in order to play and to discover our mind. It is not technology as embodyment, but as a possible to share terrain for discovery. Much alike we step into extraterrestial space in order to learn about our self. PERCEPTION:FAST FORWARD IV was shown in France and in Sao Paulo during the symposia and exposition " Arte no Século XXI  : Humanizaçao das Tecnologias "