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The story is about the fiction of a neuron that desires to be mobil and to go with the informations it is supposed to block or to transmit. The central part is a 3D model of the brain made from RMI images stocked in a computer. A system that is connected to a vocal interface allows for the navigation in and around the brain that is loosely separated into six zones of different attributes. The interface shall allow more than just commands of directions for that we have to create an artificial reality about that the system is supposed to be the expert. That shall allow for questioning the system or to give complex commands that involve a chain of to seperat commands that cause similar response for example when it is asked to visit the zones in order of their size or proximity to the current position of the neuron/performer. On the stage the performer is acting in a tunnel of the projection of the resulting sequence of images and other luminous installations involving changeable elements to signalize the different zones in that the neuron is currently located. Texts of different styles are superposed. A kind of pulp fiction with a dubius character loosing ground and connections it depends on and constantly dialoging with an alter ego in an apparently malfunctioning relationship are contrasted th the dialog of the neuron with the system and scientific texts from  Pr.Damasio.